Power MIG 401

Power MIG 401

401 MIG Welder is a welding system consisting of a power source that is available in two power options: 400 and 500 A, a wire feeder for 300 mm wire spools, and innovative welding gun with a pana connection. Different cable lengths of gun and interconnection cable sets are available as an option.

The machine connects to any 415 Volt Mains Supply. It can be used for Gas-Cooled MIG/MAG welding, and It accepts a wide range of fi ller wire diameters from 0.8 to 1.6 mm, and with cored wires up to 2.0 mm. The MMA & GMAW process has been carefully tuned to give the welding arc an outstanding stability.

This makes the arc easy to manage and minimizes the amount of spatter. The arc stability and weld quality are easily achieved also with inexpensive CO2 shielding gas so that wolder can focus entirely on productive welding.

  • Digital Panel for adjusting the welding.
  • 25% more Energy efficient than conventional machines.
  • Maximum Power factor is 0.95.
  • Excellent dynamic response enables superior arc characteristics.
  • 2T,4T operating modes.
  • Dynamic Inductance adjustment for better arc control.
  • Crater voltage and Crater current adjustment through digital panel.
  • Normal/ Creep feeding selection available on front panel.

  • 1 Power source
  • Gas-cooled torch L-3m
  • Ground cable L=3m
  • Wire feeder connection L=5M
  • Gas regulator+preheater+flow-meter

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Ship Building

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