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Weldconn is the leading Argon welding machine manufacturers in Pune, Argon Welding Equipment, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in Pune, Maharashtra.

Argon welding is a precise operation that can be used to bond all types of nonferrous metals and is particularly useful with alternating current. We have a wide range of Argon welding machines. These are high precision machines required for highly specialized welding jobs.

There are two sorts of welding processes: one in which you push the welding gun towards the weld pool and one in which you draw the welding torch/gun towards you.

Argon welding machine is employed in operations where the welding gun must be pulled away from the welding pool. This is the opposite of the pull welding procedure that is commonly utilised with carbon dioxide welding.

  • High efficiency, high power factor three-phase inverter type DC welding machine
  • Even a long Argon torch exhibits outstanding ignitability.
  • Dual-purpose DC TIG and Argon welding mechanism.
  • Minimize spatter and reduce cleaning time for parts and fixtures.
  • Excellent stability - overvoltage/undervoltage, overcurrent/temperature.
  • SSelf-adjusting compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within ±20%. Hard-programmed.
  • Post- Robust, compact, and innovative design makes it easy to move around the project site.

Any welding machine that uses a separate gas supply for the shielding gas qualifies as an argon welding machine. An argon welder has the capacity to employ 100% argon shielding gas. Pure argon is the material of choice for extremely thin metal parts. Depending on the type of material, thickness, and weld depth required, the argon concentration can drop as low as 25% of the total. When AC (alternating current) is utilised with Argon Welding Machines instead of DC (direct current), it produces a good quality weld.

The weld produced is of exceedingly high quality, and its appearance is clean and appealing.

Some advantages of using an Argon welding machine include its ability to produce high quality and clean welds, as well as its versatility in welding various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The gas shields the weld puddle from oxygen, preventing oxidation and ensuring a strong bond.

Argon welding also allows for precise control of heat input, resulting in reduced distortion and warping of the welded materials. Additionally, the machine offers better control over the weld pool compared to other welding methods, enabling precise and accurate welds.

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