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Weldconn is the Air Plasma Cutting Machine manufacturers in Pune, Air Plasma Cutter, Air Plasma Cutter Machine, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in Pune, Maharashtra. Our air Plasma cutter machines are widely used in various industries such as automotive, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear power, general engineering, mechanical engineering, steel structures and marine industry.

An air plasma cutting machine is a tool used for precision cutting of various materials such as metal, steel, or aluminum. It utilizes compressed air and an electrical arc to create a high-temperature plasma stream that melts the material, allowing for accurate and fast cutting. Our air plasma cnc machine is especially effective for cutting non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and nickel, which are difficult to cut with oxygen.

This machines generally come with several features that make them effective for various cutting applications. These features include a compact and portable design, high cutting speed, smooth and precise cuts, easy-to-use controls, efficient cooling systems, and built-in safety mechanisms.

These machines often have adjustable amperage settings and allow for the use of different cutting torches, making them versatile for different materials and thicknesses. Additionally, some models may offer advanced features like CNC compatibility or automatic gas control, further enhancing their performance and convenience for industrial cutting operations.

General cutting

Shielding gas is not required in typical plasma cutting as the working and cutting gases are injected from the same nozzle. When the arc is ignited, a small stream of ionizable gas is released as an ionizing medium. A stream of air is also injected during the cutting process to remove molten metal.

Air cutting

Air plasma cutting generally uses compressed air as the ionized gas. This method is inexpensive and the gas source is convenient. Compressed air is heated in the arc, decomposing and ionizing, creating oxygen to cut metal, causing a chemical exothermic reaction to accelerate cutting speed. A fully ionized air plasma has a high enthalpy, resulting in high arc energy and high cutting speeds.

We have Air Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer following are the applications and uses:

  • Plasma cutting uses the heat generated by a hot plasma arc to partially or completely melt and vaporize the metal in the kerf, and the momentum of a fast moving plasma to melt and remove the molten metal. It is a processing method to create plasma cutting.
  • One of the main advantages of our air cutting machine is speed, especially when cutting thin metal sheets. Plasma cutting can be up to 5-6 times faster than oxygen cutting when cutting normal carbon steel sheets. The cut surface is smooth and clean with minimal heat distortion and a small heat affected zone.

A plasma cutting machine is a machine that uses plasma cutting technology to process metal materials. Plasma cutting uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to partially or completely melt and vaporize metal at the kerf of the workpiece, then uses a pulse of high-velocity plasma to remove molten metal and shape the cut.

The different equipment of air plasma cutting machine includes: -

  • Air Supply Unit
  • Power Supply
  • Cutting Gun

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